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Plato emphasized four virtues in particular, which were later called cardinal virtues: Finally, it is necessary to consider the extent, or the number of people affected by the action. It says, it makes sense to be truthful. It takes human life as the abstract or general standard of moral evaluation.

By contrast, we treat someone as a means to an end whenever we treat that person as a tool to achieve something else. If Baby Doe survived, its quality of life would have been poor and in any case it probably would have died at an early age.

Utilitarianism: The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

In like manner, I apprehend, the sole evidence it is possible to produce that anything is desirable, is that people do actually desire it… No reason can be given why the general happiness is desirable, except that each person, so far as he believes it to be attainable, desires his own happiness… we have not only all the proof which the case admits of, but all which it is possible to require, that happiness is a good: People are going to have different definitions of what love is.

Mill anticipates the objection that people desire other things such as virtue. Mill used the same utilitarian calculus but instead focused on maximizing the general happiness by calculating the greatest good for the greatest number. The point is that, at the end of the day, business leaders are faced with serious ethical questions in the decisions they make.

Utilitarianism is a nice concept, but is faulty. In the long run the best proof of a good character is good actions; and resolutely refuse to consider any mental disposition as good, of which the predominant tendency is to produce bad conduct.

Male and Female Ethics Women tend to live in a world of social relations, emotions. Some are only issues of social policy. There are many other stakeholders who can lay claim to the loyalty of the business leader: Moral issues, by contrast, concern more universally obligatory practices, such as our duty to avoid lying, and are not confined to individual societies.

Consequentialist normative principles require that we first tally both the good and bad consequences of an action.

A Summary of the Terms and Types of Ethical Theories

Also included in the same category here is the threat of such an attack. Mill also acknowledges that "many who are capable of the higher pleasures, occasionally, under the influence of temptation, postpone them to the lower.

Harsanyi achieves this by claiming that such preferences partially exclude those people from the moral community:. These certainly don’t cover every philosophy many of us live by, and we might even have different variations of each ethical theory we choose to follow.

But one thing is certain, the theory we do live by is a direct factor of the outcomes in our life, which makes. SLIDE 1 – INTRODUCTORY SLIDE Ethical theories provide part of the decision-making foundation for Decision Making When ethical theory that will consistently explain the goals of the society.

For example in best decision. Most individuals adopt a preferred decision-making style (e.g. do unto. Ethics. The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics.

Ethical theory serves as the foundation for ethical solutions to the difficult situations people encounter in life.

In fact, for centuries, philosophers have come up with theoretical ways of telling right from wrong and for giving guidelines about how to live and act ethically.

Five Ethical Theories: Bare Bones for Business Educators. 28 Pages. Five Ethical Theories: Bare Bones for Business Educators.


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What Ethical Theory Do You Subconsciously Live By? So which ethical theory do you think best fits the way you live your life? These certainly don’t cover every philosophy many of us live by, and we might even have different variations of each ethical theory we choose to follow.

But one thing is certain, the theory we do live by is a.

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