Cuny writing across the curriculum

Rubrics that highlight the assignment-specific elements make grading and feedback clearer for students. Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development.

Private Pain, Public Humanities: Critical University Studies and Composition

NANO is an Open Access journal, which means that the editors and contributors of this journal believe that the research, content, and scholarly conversation contained in this journal should be freely available to the public.

I find that starting with a free write gives students the chance to initiate the process of developing their own point of view and as a result, begin the process of taking ownership of their work.

The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

I find that proper scaffolding with unique assignments to be very effective in engaging students not only to be better writers, but to see the value of being invested in their own writing.

Building the Teaching Commons. Those taking ENG W or W should not be discouraged; although these courses are non-credit-bearing, Developmental Writing students often go on to excel in English as they begin the course already familiar with intensive writing demands.

Space for these sessions is limited.

Writing Across the Curriculum

A qualitative interview analysis of poets on invention. The first assignment involves a two page journal free write on two current events articles. The Fall Senior Writing Fellow is: A few rubric formatting tips that may be useful: Your own existing assignments that may not fully meet this criterion may be modifiable to attain these characteristics.

Utilizing open-source tools to connect classrooms in multiple institutions, the project has created a collaborative online space in which students will be able to research Whitman's connections to their individual locations and share that research with one another in a dynamic, social, web-based learning environment.

In addition, writing can be a method for students to perform higher-order thinking, using writing as a tool to help put varied thoughts into cuny writing across the curriculum logical sequence, organized discretely around a focus or in the service of a broader goal.

W Background Jason Wirtz, Ph. The Discovery of Competence: Planning, Proposing, and Presenting Science Effectively: Tricks of the Trade: Integrates language acquisition theory with practical pedagogical concerns. W68 Lester, Nancy, et al, eds. Multilingual Learners in College Classrooms.

His academic research focuses on Latin American theatre history, contemporary Chilean theatre, political theatre and post-Colonial studies. Grading for this step is also relatively minimal. Fewer than 3 categories gives the student too little detail on the breakdown of their grade, and more than 6 can be over-encumbering to both you who have to grade the student in all those categories and the student who has to interpret such a complex breakdown.

Students as Legal Scholars: We have a great deal of valuable material available for students and faculty on this site. Open Access is an online philosophy that fosters useful critique and creates a culture of sharing.

W75 Krathwohl, David R. Historical development of the English education doctoral degree. This article describes a research project intended to yield data about the state of writing across the curriculum at one urban college campus site.

The research included collecting writing from all courses of a random sample of freshmen-senior students during one college semester.

Writing was coded and categorized according to audience and function. To meet these ambitious goals, the college has made a broad commitment to writing across the curriculum and in the disciplines. This reflects the reality of student learning. No student learns to write in a single course, and the development of successful writing practices takes time.

Centrally located in Queens, York is accessible by car, bus, subway, and the Long Island Railroad. Easy access to the rest of Queens and New York City enables students to pursue community service and internships as part of their curriculum.

Effective FallCUNY implemented the Pathways Initiative. Pathways establishes a new system of General Education requirements and new transfer guidelines across all CUNY Colleges. English Student Association (ESA) The student organization of The CUNY Graduate Center English Program.

City University of New York.

What's Next

She holds an MA from Appalachian State University. Contributing Writer, Writing Across the Curriculum at City Tech (Fall – Present). [email protected] Day Monday, May 2,on the Concourse Level of the Graduate Center, from 9am-4pm will offer both a celebration of teaching across the CUNY system and an introduction for those new or relatively new to teaching to some of the methodologies and approaches used across CUNY.

Cuny writing across the curriculum
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Goals for Student Writing At Queens College